About Sue. therapyroom2ABOUT ME and MY WORK

I describe myself as an integrative therapist and supervisor with 20 years experience working in the voluntary sector, NHS and private sector. Over my years of practise I have worked with a range of client groups and issues. I integrate many different approaches to best meet the individual needs of my clients. I work with clients long and short term, the work is assessed on an on-going basis and you will be involved in this process, ensuring you are getting what you need from the sessions.

I have facilited Carer's groups for many years and worked with families who have someone in their system suffering from mental health problems, substance misuse and any other issue that may impact on how the family communicate to each other. Helping families to find more helpful ways of relating and communicating to each other along with helping them to take care of themselves individually thus evoking change for self and the significant people in their family.

I also work with adolescants and children who are suffering from severe and enduring mental health problems, for example: feeling suicidal and attempted suicide, emerging personality disorder, self-harm, eating disorders and many other related mental health problems. I work with the families of the children and adolescants, helping them find new and more helpful ways of relating and communicating. Also very importantly helping the families to see the positives of the things they are already doing but perhaps have forgotten or are unable to see.

Wether it is individual, couple or family therapy you are seeking I can offer you a safe and confidential space to explore difficult experiences, stories and feelings. Counselling can help uncover underlying emotions and patterns and their impact on the way we feel about ourselves, others and life in general.

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